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Thunderflix: Latest in Gun Videos

It’s Friday night. The hellish work week finally came to a close, and the sweet, sweet smell of movie popcorn is in the air. Lucky for you, the hottest flick came via snail mail straight to your home… Read More

One Man, 36 Gun Nicknames

Last week, we gave you some of the craziest gun nicknames that have appeared throughout history. This week we offer up 36 original nicknames that all come right out of one man’s arsenal. The gentleman, who decided it… Read More

New Fourth-Gen Glock Coming Soon

Blogs and forums are buzzing about the redesigned fourth-generation Glock, set for release in 2010. Richard over at Gun Holsters and Gear says the new Glock, or the “Next Generation of Perfection,” is rumored to have an adjustable… Read More