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Empty Holsters Permitted at Texas College

Students can now carry empty gun holsters on a Texas college campus following a three-year battle that ended last week. Why would Tarrant County College administrators care about students sporting holsters without guns? Apparently the school felt empty… Read More

James Cap Gets His Gun Rights

After spending two-and-a-half years fighting for the right to bear arms, 46-year-old James Cap was awarded a gun permit last week. Why was he fighting for these rights? His condition as a quadriplegic made some question his ability… Read More

Five Whacked-Out Gun Nicknames

Developing pet names for inanimate objects is nothing out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to possessions as prized and powerful as guns. Yet sometimes these nicknames come not from adoration, but from pure disdain or infamy…. Read More

iPhone App Alert: Pocket Guide for Concealed Weapon Laws

With a clever name and a repository of government information about concealed carry laws, iBearArms has its sights set on becoming the mobile resource for gun owners on the go. Updated last week, iBearArms offers information on state… Read More

SB-2099 Handgun and Safety Registration Myth

If you’re a gun owner and haven’t received an e-mail forward warning of the horrors of SB-2099, an alleged U.S. Senate bill that would enforce a federal tax on firearms, then you are one of the few. This… Read More

Gun Holster FAIL

This oldie-but-goody video of a DEA agent shooting himself in the foot while lecturing about gun safety is a painful reminder of the importance of a good, secure gun holster. In the video, you will see that he… Read More