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8 Lolcats with Guns

OK, cats are pretty hilarious on their own. Guns? Not so much. Combine the two, and, well, that’s what this blog post is about. So, see for yourself. (By the way, no animals were harmed in the making… Read More

Laser Grips

We all know what it means when someone says “get a grip,” but what about if they say “get a laser grip”? Well, it might mean that you’re having some issues with your aim. Or they’re just sharing… Read More

Gun Holster FAILS of the Month

Every time we mention the words “gun” “holsters” and “fail,” the name Lee Paige instantaneously comes to mind. Is that so wrong? What’s worse is that this month’s two holster FAILS appear to be pretty similar to the… Read More

Ankle Holsters

Commonly worn by law enforcement and military, ankle holsters let you conceal a secondary weapon with ease. There have been countless cases of primary weapons failing for whatever reason, which immediately creates a demand for a backup weapon…. Read More

Best Gun Holster Tweets

If you’re tweeting about gun holsters, we’re listening. Not to creep you out, but to understand the holster-toting community just a little better. We’re keeping our ear to the ground and our eye on the tweets. Here’s just… Read More

5 Features Every Gun Safe Should Have

As gun safes become more affordable, they become as equally penetrable. And if you’re in the business to truly protect your firearms and valued goods, you’ll want to keep out both thieves and elements like fire that can… Read More

20 Awesome Pink Guns & Accessories

Pink guns are nothing new. These pistols painted in girlish hues have been auctioned for breast cancer awareness and criticized as a silly marketing gimmick for years. However, with women like Debbie Ferns proving female-only shooting camps, it’s… Read More

SHOT Show 2010: Day Three Videos & Tweets

While there’s been plenty of firm handshakes, wide smiles and flawless product demos, The SHOT Show hasn’t been going so smoothly for some — namely 21 industry executives who were rounded up by the FBI. According to Business… Read More

SHOT Show 2010: Day Two Videos & Tweets

We’re back with extended SHOT Show coverage … the kind that makes you feel like you’re actually there — blazing down the bustling show concourse doing meet and greets like a pro and dealing out your business cards… Read More

SHOT Show 2010: Day One Videos & Tweets

If you’re not in Las Vegas, then you’re not at the No. 1 industry event of the year: SHOT Show 2010. On our sister blog, we highlighted seven things to check out at the show. Yet following the… Read More