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USMC To Replace M249 SAW with M27 IAR

The Marine Corps recently awarded a $23.6 million contract to Heckler and Koch for its M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. Marines will be shouldering the IAR instead of the M249 SAW. Read on for full details on how many and where they will be shipped.

The Gun that Killed Osama: Sources Say HK416 Shot Bin Laden

Sources have leaked the type of gun that killed Osama bin Laden. The most recent reports state that it was the German made HK416 that tactical operators used in the attack. Read on to learn more about the combat assault rifle.

SHOT Show 2011 Day Three Videos + Tweets

Don’t miss out on your last chance to see what happened during Day 3 at this year’s SHOT Show! This will be our last batch of videos and tweets from Las Vegas.