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Under-The-Desk Holsters

Your work space. It’s a place some compare to a prison cell. For others, it’s a peaceful place where even the most far-out tasks always manage to get accomplished. Either way, you spend a significant amount of time… Read More

Empty Holsters Permitted at Texas College

Students can now carry empty gun holsters on a Texas college campus following a three-year battle that ended last week. Why would Tarrant County College administrators care about students sporting holsters without guns? Apparently the school felt empty… Read More

Thunderwear: The Groin Holster

Some go to great lengths for true weapon concealment. Others simply don Thunderwear. While its name sounds like a garment accessory dreamed up by Lady Gaga, this groin holster has been serving a very useful purpose for more… Read More

Holster Placement: 10 Ways to Wear Yours

1. OWB or outside the waistband – This look is typically sported by police, military and open carrying civilians. If you place the holster on the waist next to your strongest arm, it will greatly improve your draw… Read More

How to Make a Leather Gun Holster (VIDEO)

Earlier this year we outlined how to get all crafty and make your own gun holster. And that was all well and good. However, YouTube user particlerealities was busy this week uploading a comprehensive three-part video demonstration that… Read More

Gun Holster Man Bags

Here at Gun Holsters Blog, it’s fairly evident that we have a thing for, uh, holsters. But what about things shaped like gun holsters that aren’t really gun holsters? Hmm… good question. Take the Koffski Shoulder Holster for… Read More

Gun Holster FAILS of the Month

Every time we mention the words “gun” “holsters” and “fail,” the name Lee Paige instantaneously comes to mind. Is that so wrong? What’s worse is that this month’s two holster FAILS appear to be pretty similar to the… Read More

Best Gun Holster Tweets

If you’re tweeting about gun holsters, we’re listening. Not to creep you out, but to understand the holster-toting community just a little better. We’re keeping our ear to the ground and our eye on the tweets. Here’s just… Read More

How to Pick a Concealed Carry Holster

Enter gun holster shopping with the mindset that what you buy not only impacts your draw time, it could also be a factor in your safety. While many professionals use gun belts for holsters, civilians prefer other concealable… Read More

By The Numbers: Bianchi Holsters

A garage seems like an appropriate setting for the birth of a rock band, not a future multi-million dollar company. Yet, like Mattel and Apple Inc., Bianchi International began in 1958 with John Bianchi, a full-time Southern California… Read More