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10 Holsters Not for Guns

When the word holster pops into any conversation, there’s an immediate and natural association with firearms. Yet these following folks decided to go with the broader definition of holster: A case for carrying a usually small item on… Read More

The Poor Man’s Pocket Holster

There’s nothing really breakthrough about a do-it-yourself holster. You just need some cardboard, leather, a knife, free time, a smidge of artistic talent and … ta dah. But what if you only have one of the ingredients listed… Read More

10 Crazy Gun Tattoos

If you’re reading this blog, we’re already going to assume that you like guns. A lot. But do you like guns enough to permanently display them on your body for all eternity? Hold up… don’t answer that. Maybe… Read More

Craigslist Holster Deal of the Century

We’ve been coming across all sorts of crazy deals on Craigslist lately. But this one in Baltimore is *really* insane. Someone is selling an assortment of 21 gun holsters for $200. The “diverse collection” was appraised by a… Read More

Strange Open Carry Video of the Week

This one is pretty tough to explain—you’ll just have to see it to believe it! The “waltz” event was sponsored by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. What… Read More

The Kitty Holster

We know, we know. Things got a little bizarre at the Gun Holsters Blog yesterday with kids and guns and all, but things are about to get a LOT weirder. That’s because we have discovered the Kitty Holster…. Read More

Holsters for Kids?

Nowadays kids never get to have fun. Helicopter parents prevent neighborhood high jinx by snuffing out any and every danger. Hopefully they’re still willing to throw caution to the wind from time to time, and allow a lively… Read More

Thunderwear: The Groin Holster

Some go to great lengths for true weapon concealment. Others simply don Thunderwear. While its name sounds like a garment accessory dreamed up by Lady Gaga, this groin holster has been serving a very useful purpose for more… Read More

8 Lolcats with Guns

OK, cats are pretty hilarious on their own. Guns? Not so much. Combine the two, and, well, that’s what this blog post is about. So, see for yourself. (By the way, no animals were harmed in the making… Read More

Best Gun Holster Tweets

If you’re tweeting about gun holsters, we’re listening. Not to creep you out, but to understand the holster-toting community just a little better. We’re keeping our ear to the ground and our eye on the tweets. Here’s just… Read More