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Popular Minimalist Hiking Shoe Brands

Do you find less is more when taking to the trails? Well, never fear. We here at Hiking Boots News have compiled a list of the top minimalist hiking shoe brands around. We’ve even included a few pictorial aids for you.

Q&A with Hiking Blogger Tom Mangan

Tom Mangan was blogging before the rest of us even knew what it was. The writer at Two-Heel Drive fills us in on what makes a great hiking blog, how to hike solo and his favorite outdoors gear.

Winter Hiking: How to Keep Your Feet Warm

Wondering how to keep your toes feeling nice when it’s cold as ice? Insulated boots will help keep your feet warm inside so you can still hit the trails outside.

Women’s Hiking Boots Try-on Party

Our customer relations team unboxed some of the most popular hiking boots and tried them on for size. Vasque, Salomon, Keen and more! Watch behind-the-scenes footage to find out what the ladies thought.

6 Most Dangerous Hikes on Earth

Nature attracts us with its beauty, its promise of serenity and its utter unpredictability. The wilderness calls out with a challenge attracting the most daring to places like Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro. Then there other lesser-known places… Read More

Hiking Socks

Hiking boots serve as your feet’s first line of defense against the cold. With high-tech insulation and waterproofing, most boots are highly equipped to keep feet on the right track. However, you might want even assurance that your… Read More

Hiking Sandals

It kind of sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Hey, let’s climb through rocky, possibly treacherous terrain with our toes and other areas of the foot completely exposed! But fear not, wilderness friend. These sandals, like all hiking… Read More