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Tactical Pants Fabric Guide

Cotton or blend? Original or lightweight? If choosing the right tactical pant is weighing on you, help is on the way. We’ve created a guide to help you decide which fabric suits your needs.

A Year in Tactical Pants

What does a year look like when you’re wearing tactical pants every day? Pretty extraordinary. Relive the last 365 days with the kind of news coverage that make guys like Andy Ihnatko smile.

Kitanica Unveils New Products

From the folks who gave us the Cadillac of tactical pants, Kitanica shows off their popular outerwear line that is guaranteed make tactical geeks everywhere drool.

“Mythbusters” Season Premier Features K-9 Unit and… Tactical Pants?

Everyone’s favorite science detectives Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are back—sniffing out all new myths on the Discovery Channel. Get a sneak peek of their LEO-inspired hijinks.

Kitanica PNT X.A Now in Khaki

We’ve called it the Cadillac of tactical pants. And now Kitanica’s PNT X.A is finally available in the most common color of the tactical rainbow—khaki.

How to Survive a Crotch Blowout

When an inseam blowout happens, adverse affects are instantaneous. How do you cope? Better yet, how do you prevent it from happening in the first place?

Kitanica Short XI.A

If you loved the crazy-tactical style of Kitanica’s PNT X.A pants, you’ll easily become a fan of its new tactical shorts. Come see what all the fuss is about.

The High Price of Pants

Why do some trousers cost so much? TPB investigates price variations across the board. And how much are you willing to pay? Take our reader’s poll.

Tactical Talk: Beej Cronin of Kitanica

For highly sophisticated tactical clothing, look no further than Kitanica. In 1995, Beej Cronin founded the clothing company in Brooklyn with his brother Chris. Now based in Oakland, Calif., the outerwear line features USA-made gear such as jackets,… Read More

Introducing Kitanica PNT X.A Tactical Pants

Imagine how the paparazzi treat a new starlet. The garish, potbellied thugs pace outside her home, hovering around the wrought-iron gate while shoveling Coffee Bean muffins down their gullets and wiping sweat beads away with a star map…. Read More