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Women’s Hi-Tec Altitude Glide Review

We outfitted a seasoned hiker from our staff in one of Hi-Tec’s most popular women’s boots. She recounts her trekking and scrambling experience while sporting the new boots.

Soldier Hikes 7,000 Miles Across America

Troy Yocum is on a mission. He’s hiking across the country to raise money for military families. His goal? $5 million. His shoes? Merrells. His journey? It’s turning out to be more challenging than ever.

Q&A with Custom Hiking Bootmaker

Charles Van Gorkom, custom bootmaker extraordinaire, walks us through a typical workweek of creating one pair of hiking boots. That’s right: forty hours on one pair. Find out why it takes so long and what it’ll cost you to get your hands on a pair.

Custom Hiking Boots

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to pinpoint a perfect fit. That’s when professional hiking bootmakers like Charles Van Gorkom and the Limmer sons step in. Find out how they do it.

Merrell Outreach

Merrell doesn’t just make hiking boots–they facilitate a meaningful connection between you and nature. Find out how.

Q&A with Jason Klass, Gear Talk

For two years, Jason Klass has been updating the world on the latest and greatest trekking equipment at Gear Talk. Mr. Klass tells us about his favorite gear brands, his most memorable hike and more. How long have… Read More