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Gun Brings Haunted House Extra Scare

While visiting your favorite haunted house this season, what’s the best way to make yourself look über-cool when a terrifying monster is coming at you with a fake (but equally terrifying) chainsaw? The answer is definitely not what… Read More

New Fourth-Gen Glock Coming Soon

Blogs and forums are buzzing about the redesigned fourth-generation Glock, set for release in 2010. Richard over at Gun Holsters and Gear says the new Glock, or the “Next Generation of Perfection,” is rumored to have an adjustable… Read More

Safariland Holster Saves Officer’s Life

It’s something we unfortunately see all too often: A police officer just doing his job, protecting the community, and a criminal goes after his weapon, attempting to disarm him. That was the case most recently in Ontario, Canada…. Read More

Defective Holsters Down Under

Authorities in the Australian state of Victoria are investigating defective gun holsters, which are still being used by area police. According the The Age, an officer was shot dead after a routine traffic stop by his own firearm… Read More