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James Cap Gets His Gun Rights

After spending two-and-a-half years fighting for the right to bear arms, 46-year-old James Cap was awarded a gun permit last week. Why was he fighting for these rights? His condition as a quadriplegic made some question his ability… Read More

GUNPAL Offers PayPal Alternative

A new payment processor tailored specifically for firearms and accessories is aiming to blow away the competition. Launched in 2009, GUNPAL Inc. is targeting a $3 billion firearms industry where licensed weapons dealers are unable to use PayPal… Read More

SB-2099 Handgun and Safety Registration Myth

If you’re a gun owner and haven’t received an e-mail forward warning of the horrors of SB-2099, an alleged U.S. Senate bill that would enforce a federal tax on firearms, then you are one of the few. This… Read More

Obama Still Influencing Gun Sales

Barack Obama—who most recently shocked everyone (even himself) with a Nobel Peace Prize win—is making some gun owners in Washington a little nervous. Why? According to The Forest Grove News-Times, sales of firearms have spiked in the area… Read More