The Top 10 Gear from SHOT Show 2015

We recapped the gear highlights from SHOT Show 2015. There are 10 new products you need to know about.


Staff Pick: Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

We’ve seen our fair share of tactical pants. But which ones do we swear by? Our senior designer casts his vote for Genuine Gear.

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Top 10 Gear from SHOT Show 2014

We spent a couple days in ecstasy at SHOT Show 2014 meeting with our favorite brands about the newest and most noteworthy tactical clothing, equipment and footwear. We’ve somehow managed to narrow down all gear we geeked out over into our top 10.


Sneak Peek: New Propper Collections

We got the first look at the new Propper collections for fall. Just in time for colder weather, these covert and stylish collections boast CCW-compatible hoodies, jackets and vests. You’ll own the streets when you gear up with the Propper.

Mad About MultiCam

We’re just mad about MultiCam! It’s not hard to see why – it’s quickly becoming the most popular camouflage pattern out there. We’ve even put together a list of our customer’s favorites, from shoes, pants, packs and so much more. Read on to check out the spotlighted items.

SHOT Show: Propper A-TACS FG Camo Gear’s Nora talks to Megan Hegger, marketing product manager, about the new Propper gear in the A-TACS FG camouflage pattern. In the works for about a year, the pattern has been garnering buzz for the past couple of months. For the full story, read on.

Air Force To Switch to New Fabric For ABU

There’s a new ABU fabric in town. Composed of a 50/50 nylon-cotton ripstop, the ABU will be both lighter and more comfortable for Airmen stationed in hot climates. Propper ABUs are scheduled to start shipping out this April.

Propper-sign Visits Propper Distribution Center

Recently, two employees of toured the Propper International Distribution Center. If you have a pair of Propper tactical pants, chances are you can trace it back to this facility. Check out some of the sweet pictures documenting the trip.

Blackhawk canteen and Camelbak hydration system

Father’s Day: 26 Gift Ideas for the Tactical Dad

Would you categorize your dad as tactical? Stumped on what to purchase him for Father’s Day? Tactical Gear Blog has put together a gift guide to ensure that your papa feels supremely kickass on his special day. Check it.

The Perfect iPad 2 Pants Pocket

The original iPad? Too big. But what about the second iteration? We put tactical pants pockets to the test to see if it would fit the oversized gadget. Find out which ones passed.