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Military Boots in Small Sizes

Who says great things don’t come in small sizes? Kiss the children’s section goodbye, and choose from our growing selection of small-sized combat boots.

Magnum 8-inch Spider 8.1 Urban Review

Our customer relations associate steps into a rugged pair of Magnum’s latest. Did she experience maximum comfort and style? Learn more as she reviews the 8” Spider 8.1 Urban boots.

My Favorite Hunting Gear

Hunting trip is over. The score? Deer: 1. Me: 0. I saw one deer this whole season, and it was way too far to take a shot. Oh well, a bad day hunting is better than a good day at work (just don’t tell my boss I said that).

Name Those Boots

Being the military boot experts, it’s not too often we come across a boot we can’t identify. This time we leave the naming up to you. Can you figure out what combat footwear Airmen of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing are marching in?

Military Gear Companies

There are more than 50 companies out there that design and produce military equipment, apparel and accessories. Actually, there’s probably even more than that. Accessories BDS Tactical Bianchi Blackhawk Eagle Industries Fobus Holsters & Pouches FoxRiver Fox Outdoor… Read More

7 Awesome USA-made Combat Boots

Domestic labor is more expensive, but some folks won’t have it any other way. In honor of those who purchase based on national pride, we salute seven boots constructed in the US of A.

U.S. Military Boot Contracts

The U.S. Department of Defense recently issued an armload of contracts to boot manufacturers across the country. Find out who will be making boots for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps for the next year.

Rocky Wins $3.2M Boot Contract

So many boots, so little time: Rocky picked up another government order last month for 45,000 pairs of duty boots and 8,000 pairs of hot weather boots.

Name That Boot

Our friends over at FreeMilitaryPhotos.com sent over this great close-up this morning of a combat boot squish-squishing along the soppy ground. According to the photo caption, the boot belongs to a U.S. Soldier from Red Platoon, Combined Security… Read More

Miss America Contestants Wear Military Boots for Charity

It doesn’t take much to get beautiful women in combat boots: All you need is a good cause … and probably boots that match their outfits. At least that’s all the requirements for Miss America 2010 contestants. The… Read More