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Are Cougars Taking over the Planet?

While the term “cougar” has taken on a new life recently — mostly one resembling an older Monica from Friends — the latest hiccup of cougar hysteria has been focused on the original one. You know, the mammal… Read More

New Fourth-Gen Glock Coming Soon

Blogs and forums are buzzing about the redesigned fourth-generation Glock, set for release in 2010. Richard over at Gun Holsters and Gear says the new Glock, or the “Next Generation of Perfection,” is rumored to have an adjustable… Read More

SB-2099 Handgun and Safety Registration Myth

If you’re a gun owner and haven’t received an e-mail forward warning of the horrors of SB-2099, an alleged U.S. Senate bill that would enforce a federal tax on firearms, then you are one of the few. This… Read More