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SHOT Show 2012: Safariland Rolls Out New Patrol Bike

Safariland displayed its new patrol bike at SHOT Show 2012. Partnering with Kona, it can be ordered through local bike shops. Made to meet the needs of the pedaling officer, it has a number of features that help make even the longest shift more bearable.

‘Die Hard,’ ‘Miami Vice’ Make Shoulder Holsters Cool

For many years, Hollywood has featured movie heroes wearing shoulder holsters. But did you know that this type of holster is actually quite practical for certain people? Find out why shoulder holstering might be the right choice for you.

Safariland Introduces A-TACS

Safariland’s Protech brand is now available in a new camouflage pattern. The Advanced Tactical Concealment System (A-TACS) has more organic design that provides advanced concealment.

New Safariland Shoulder and Foldaway Holsters

Safariland’s James Dawson showed off two new holsters coming out this year. He touched on their key features in a video filmed at the 2011 SHOT Show.

SHOT Show 2011: Day Two Videos + Tweets

Back for more? From guns to gear to more guns, explore what you missed during Day 2 of SHOT Show.

SHOT Show 2011: Day One in Videos + Tweets

Skip the hours of walking from booth to booth and still see plenty of great new products right here with our extended SHOT Show coverage. What will the masses be tweeting today?

What’s on Your Duty Belt?

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Military Gear Companies

There are more than 50 companies out there that design and produce military equipment, apparel and accessories. Actually, there’s probably even more than that. Accessories BDS Tactical Bianchi Blackhawk Eagle Industries Fobus Holsters & Pouches FoxRiver Fox Outdoor… Read More

Protech Tactical Adds to IMPAC Plates Line

Safariland has expanded its Protech IMPAC line of special threat plates. These plates can be inserted in the front or back of body armor to prevent bullet penetration. Specifically created to protect against ballistic or stab attacks, the… Read More

By The Numbers: Bianchi Holsters

A garage seems like an appropriate setting for the birth of a rock band, not a future multi-million dollar company. Yet, like Mattel and Apple Inc., Bianchi International began in 1958 with John Bianchi, a full-time Southern California… Read More