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Craigslist Holster Deal of the Century

We’ve been coming across all sorts of crazy deals on Craigslist lately. But this one in Baltimore is *really* insane. Someone is selling an assortment of 21 gun holsters for $200. The “diverse collection” was appraised by a… Read More

5 Features Every Gun Safe Should Have

As gun safes become more affordable, they become as equally penetrable. And if you’re in the business to truly protect your firearms and valued goods, you’ll want to keep out both thieves and elements like fire that can… Read More

Packing Pink: Ladies-Only Gun Camps on the Rise

While often stereotyped as a man’s hobby, gun enthusiasts of the female variety have been forming gun clubs, and these ladies-only clubs are popping up all over the place in the United States. Most recently, The Telegraph featured… Read More

GUNPAL Offers PayPal Alternative

A new payment processor tailored specifically for firearms and accessories is aiming to blow away the competition. Launched in 2009, GUNPAL Inc. is targeting a $3 billion firearms industry where licensed weapons dealers are unable to use PayPal… Read More