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SHOT Show 2012: Previewing Some Tactical Goodness

Next week, we’re all about SHOT Show. We’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest in tactical gear goodness. You may say that we’ll be like kids in a candy store. Follow us on Twitter and fan us on Facebook to watch our adventures through THE tactical tradeshow of the year.

Is Your Gun Holster Simply Rugged?

A fan of leather gun holsters? Hand molded around each type of firearm, Simply Rugged Holsters produces secure leather holsters. The snug fit of the holsters promises to keep your handgun in place, no matter the conditions.

15 Guns Go Hollywood

The NRA’s National Rifle Museum features an exhibit of famous firearms. Many have appeared in either movies or films, but some have even been owned by celebrities such as Clark Gable.

Top 5 CCW Tips

Someone once compared requesting “tips” about carrying a concealed weapon to asking about ‘tips’ on wearing shoes. While humorous, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Even with 7-inch heels, shoes are far less deadly than firearms… Read More

14 Deliciously Dangerous Gun Cakes

Here’s an unappetizing thought: Sinking your teeth into a 12 gauge. That cold metallic taste comes in gag-inducing waves. And if you bite down hard enough, you might crack a few teeth along the way. But why eat… Read More

Nylon Gun Holsters

Leather holsters are luxurious yet pricey. Kydex holsters are sometimes too harsh on a gun’s finish. If this sounds like a familiar conundrum, it’s time to explore some nylon options. At first glance, nylon doesn’t appear to be the… Read More

10 Crazy Gun Tattoos

If you’re reading this blog, we’re already going to assume that you like guns. A lot. But do you like guns enough to permanently display them on your body for all eternity? Hold up… don’t answer that. Maybe… Read More

Vogel Posts Fastest Time at 2010 IDPA Indoor Nationals

Five national champions were crowned last weekend at the third annual IDPA Indoor Nationals. The three-day competition in Springfield, Mass., drew more than 250 gun professionals with some of the biggest names in shooting participating. Not only did… Read More

20 Awesome Pink Guns & Accessories

Pink guns are nothing new. These pistols painted in girlish hues have been auctioned for breast cancer awareness and criticized as a silly marketing gimmick for years. However, with women like Debbie Ferns proving female-only shooting camps, it’s… Read More

SHOT Show 2010: Day Two Videos & Tweets

We’re back with extended SHOT Show coverage … the kind that makes you feel like you’re actually there — blazing down the bustling show concourse doing meet and greets like a pro and dealing out your business cards… Read More