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Summer Release: Oakley Water Combat Boots

The rumors of the Oakley water combat boot are true! The military boot is reported to be released at some point this summer. The maritime footwear features screened holes for water drainage and sole made for traversing wet conditions. Check out some of the cool colors the footwear is available in.

Magnum 8-inch Spider 8.1 Urban Review

Our customer relations associate steps into a rugged pair of Magnum’s latest. Did she experience maximum comfort and style? Learn more as she reviews the 8” Spider 8.1 Urban boots.

Name Those Boots

Being the military boot experts, it’s not too often we come across a boot we can’t identify. This time we leave the naming up to you. Can you figure out what combat footwear Airmen of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing are marching in?

Name That Boot

Our friends over at FreeMilitaryPhotos.com sent over this great close-up this morning of a combat boot squish-squishing along the soppy ground. According to the photo caption, the boot belongs to a U.S. Soldier from Red Platoon, Combined Security… Read More

Weekly Drill Down: MultiCam in Action, SM25 Smart Grenade Rifle and More

Yes We MultiCam: Look at the photo above. How many soldiers do you see? Now look a little closer because Christian swears there are four. (Defense Tech) A second glance at the Army’s XM25 Smart Grenade Rifle (Kit… Read More

New Boot Alert: Oakley’s Water Shoe, Tactical Research’s MultiCam Kiowa

With every passing year there are more and more new military boot styles and colors, and this year is no different. Last month Gear Scout posted a sneak peak of a new water combat boot from Oakley. The… Read More