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New Fabric for TAD Gear Force 10 Pants

Triple Aught Design has released a new style of its popular Force 10 Pants. The recent revision leaves the well-known tactical pants with less bulk and a lighter fabric weight.

The Perfect iPad 2 Pants Pocket

The original iPad? Too big. But what about the second iteration? We put tactical pants pockets to the test to see if it would fit the oversized gadget. Find out which ones passed.

A Year in Tactical Pants

What does a year look like when you’re wearing tactical pants every day? Pretty extraordinary. Relive the last 365 days with the kind of news coverage that make guys like Andy Ihnatko smile.

The High Price of Pants

Why do some trousers cost so much? TPB investigates price variations across the board. And how much are you willing to pay? Take our reader’s poll.

TAD Gear Force 10 Tactical Pants

TAD Gear isn’t exactly a household name.  So it’s no wonder we’ve only recently discovered this high end manufacturer, who has a series of tactical pants that attempt to trump all others. The TAD Gear Force 10 Pants… Read More