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Vasque to Update Best Seller in 2013

After nearly a decade of hiker adoration, Vasque Footwear has decided to redesign its most popular boot. Will you be happy with the Breeze 2.0? We give you a full run-down on what to expect.

Osama Raid: The Boots Worn by SEAL Team 6

TacticalGear.com’s Nora was lucky enough to get a firsthand look at a Vasque Juxt, which was worn by a SEAL Team Six member during the Osama raid last year. Chris Miller, sales manager for Vasque, displayed the historical boot and gave a little bit of background on it.

Man Hiking Appalachian, Ozark Trails for Charity

To raise money for abused kids, Michael McLaughlin set out in late February to take on the Appalachian Trail and the Ozark Trail back-to-back. Discover how the 31-year-old trained for this adventure of a lifetime.

Coming Soon: Vasque Updates Classic Look

This spring sink your feet into boots with a humble heritage. Vasque reaches into its vault and revisits an old school look, infusing it with new school technology. Take a first peek at its updated Talus WP with exclusive footage from Outdoor Retailer.

Photo of the Day: Vintage Vasque

For some of us, 1990 doesn’t seem like that long ago. Hop in a time machine and venture back two decades as we discover how much (and little) hiking boots have changed over the years.

Q&A with Hiking Blogger Tom Mangan

Tom Mangan was blogging before the rest of us even knew what it was. The writer at Two-Heel Drive fills us in on what makes a great hiking blog, how to hike solo and his favorite outdoors gear.

Preparing for Yosemite’s Half Dome Hike

They don’t call him Mr. Half Dome for nothing. How did Rick Deutsch earn the title? Discover the origins of his nickname, how he trained to conquer Yosemite National Park’s legendary Half Dome and what kind of hiking boots got him there.

Q&A on Contemplative Hiking

Sure, you’ve roamed the outdoors. But have you ever experienced contemplative hiking? Margaret Emerson, the author of Contemplative Hiking along the Colorado Front Range, explains the phenomenon behind meditative trekking.

Women’s Hiking Boots Try-on Party

Our customer relations team unboxed some of the most popular hiking boots and tried them on for size. Vasque, Salomon, Keen and more! Watch behind-the-scenes footage to find out what the ladies thought.

Women’s Hi-Tec Altitude Glide Review

We outfitted a seasoned hiker from our staff in one of Hi-Tec’s most popular women’s boots. She recounts her trekking and scrambling experience while sporting the new boots.