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Army Scopes New Mountain Boot

Which new mountain boot will the Army choose? Danner, Wellco and Belleville put their best boots forward in an attempt to claim the contract.

Toddler Combat Boots

Have your heart set on outfitting your baby in military boots? Sorry to break the news, but you might have to wait a few years. After an exhaustive online search for infant and toddler military boots, we’ve found… Read More

Jungle Boots

Jungle boots are exactly what they sound like: Boots you wear on missions in tropical climates. In hot and wet conditions that leave your feet sticky and soggy, jungle boots have special features like drainage vents that prevent… Read More

Footwear Technology: How Do Your Boots Compare?

With the technology revolution in full swing, companies are constantly patenting and updating ways to make things work better and more efficiently, especially when it comes to footwear. Check the glossary of boot technology terms below to see… Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Boots Last Longer, Look Sexier

You love your boots, don’t you? (Well, we certainly do since we run a blog entirely dedicated to them.) So, assuming your adoration runs as deep as ours, you should want to care for them like they were… Read More