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CCW Fashion & Firearms: A Chat with Gun Blogger Shawn Thompson

We chat with Shawn Thompson, a gun blogger who was recently interviewed by the New York Times for a concealed carry piece. Thompson shares his extensive firearms background, talks about his go-to concealed weapon and describes his favorite CCW apparel. Read on for the full interview.

Revised Women’s Woolrich Elite Tactical Pants

Brian Miller, of Woolrich Elite Series Tactical, displays the new Women’s Tactical Pants. Going off market feedback, the pants have a lower rise of about an inch and a half and carries many of the same features as the men’s styles. Watch the video to find out more!

New Styles From 5.11 Tactical, Woolrich Elite

5.11 Tactical will be releasing three new, updated styles of tactical pants. Each style is equipped to handle a number of hands-on and/or office duties that those employed in the public safety sector face on a daily basis.

Woolrich Elite Reveals New Concealed Carry Chinos

The discreet trend continues to take the tactical world by storm. Where is it headed next? At SHOT Show, Woolrich Elite Series Tactical gave us a sampling of what to expect for operators who prefer a more incognito look.

Introducing Magnum’s New RD Pants

Magnum tops the release of all-over MultiCam boots with the launch of a new tactical pant. We run down the specs on the new lightweight RD pants with live footage straight from SHOT Show.

Tactical Pants Fabric Guide

Cotton or blend? Original or lightweight? If choosing the right tactical pant is weighing on you, help is on the way. We’ve created a guide to help you decide which fabric suits your needs.

Q&A: Creator of 5.11 Pants Liz Robbins

SWAT teams and FBI agents across the world wear tactical pants. But it wasn’t always that way. The woman who designed the first pair of 5.11 pants shares the untold story of how the world’s most functional trouser came to be.

Ladies Tactical Pants Try-On Party

Ladies, your tactical pants are getting the special treatment. Join our customer service team of TacticalPants.com as we shuffle through various sizes and brands of just-for-women tac trousers.

Women’s Tactical Pants: Finding the Right Fit

What would Liz Robbins say if she knew how long women have been ignored in the tactical space? As the designer of the original 5.11 pant, Liz was as passionate about great fitting clothing as she was about… Read More

Tactical Pants Guide Update

We’re reporting today from underneath a mammoth pile of tactical pants. No joke. See that picture on the right. Well, imagine that is all tactical pants. Yeah, that’s what our desk looks like today. Did you know that… Read More