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Woolrich Women’s Elite Lightweight Pant Review

Yesterday we extolled the virtues of lightweight pants in the springtime and allowed someone else to tell you all about them. Well, it’s our turn now. Woolrich introduced its women’s line at the 2009 SHOT Show and hasn’t… Read More

Woolrich Lightweight Tactical Pants Giveaway

It’s not every day you see someone giving away spiffy pairs of tactical trousers. Well, Armslist isn’t exactly just handing out the pants. Much like anything nowadays, there’s always a catch. The good news is this contest is… Read More

Tactical Talk: EOTAC’s Fernando Coelho

Nobody’s more passionate about perfecting the tactical pant than Fernando Coelho. In 2005, the president and founder of EOTAC set out to introduce a better-fitting, more durable pant to the market. And he did just that — first… Read More

Fashion Police: What Matches Tactical Cargos?

Even members of law enforcement must answer to the fashion police. And you thought you were exempt! Oh no. When we all want to wear our tactical pants seven days a week, things can get a little tricky…. Read More

Tac Pants Maker Donates to Wounded Warrior Project

Last month Woolrich Elite Series Tactical donated $7,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization that honors and empowers injured soldiers. “Woolrich has a long history serving the military, dating back to the Civil War,” said Jerry… Read More

By the Numbers: Woolrich

With a sprawling history in outdoor and military clothing, Woolrich takes great pride in its longevity, which no doubt is a result of its quality clothing. Even though the creators of the Woolrich Elite series recently made headway… Read More

Can You Wear Tactical Pants to a Nice Dinner?

The question “Tactical or Practical?” was posed at Mossy Creek Custom when the blogger over there attempted to wear Woolrich Elite Series Discreet Pants to a Friday night dinner party, which his wife completely frowned upon. Although his… Read More

Woolrich Elite Series, 179 Years of Heritage

If you read the backstory behind Woolrich clothing company, it’s easy to get excited about buying garments with such a rich heritage.  Founded in 1830, they’ve been making quality outdoor apparel for nearly two centuries. Naturally, when Woolrich… Read More

Tactical Pant Players

5.11 Tactical – The original tactical pant creator. 511 tactical pants posses a distinctive “buddy strap” on the back of the garment. They offer a large variety of styles and colors.  A little on the pricey side for… Read More