Talking Guns with a Taco Aficionado

The perfect food for ending a long, fulfilling day at the shooting range? Tacos. And if you follow Guns & Tacos, you will know the location of some of the best taco stands in the southwest, specifically Texas … or Tijuana if you have your passport handy.

G&T is penned by Jay, a former member of the U.S. Navy. Jay became acquainted with the taco stand scene when he was stationed in San Diego. Instead of paying supremely high rent in what he refers to as “the 2nd highest price-of-living neighborhood in the U.S.,” Jay chose to live in Tijuana. It is here that he discovered the world’s best taco stands.

Aside from his culinary interests, Jay is also a gun enthusiast and has worked part-time at the Top Gun Range. During the day, Jay works for a tech company in Houston and writes in his free time. His blogs are always easy to read and saturated in humor. Topics are often taco-related with a sprinkling of gun posts, but random topics (or Insanity!) can be found on the blog.

Founder of Guns & Tacos, Jay doesn't mind driving the extra mile for a stellar taco.

“If I’m not shooting guns or drinking in shady bars, chances are I’m probably eating tacos somewhere,” states Jay on the blog. If only we could all summarize our interests so concisely. Tactical Gear Blog asked Jay a few questions about why he started G&T, guns and, of course, tacos.

What inspired you to start Guns and Tacos? Was it a light-bulb moment?

It started out as a Twitter handle I came up with while drinking tall boys in the backyard. I had never considered starting a blog before — I think I was just trying to acquire more Twitter followers at first. I had no idea how much fun it would turn out to be.

When did you first become interested in guns? Tacos?

Guns — I can’t figure out why everyone isn’t fascinated with them. They are loud and cool looking, and you can kill people with them. Although I worked at a gun range in town for a couple of years, I don’t consider myself a gun expert. I still have trouble stripping a Colt 45 from time to time.

I’ve always enjoyed tacos, but I didn’t know what a true taco was until my experience in Mexico. While stationed in San Diego, I got an apartment in Tijuana and ate at taco stands every day. Taco trucks are very much misunderstood — some of the best food in the world is found at little stands and carts or on four wheels.

You feature a couple of pretty awesome guns on your blog like the Beretta PX4 Storm and the Ruger LCR. Do you favor a particular model of handgun?

Anyone who has worked at a gun range will prefer the Glock. They’re relatively inexpensive, and since they’re so popular, it’s easy to find parts and trick them out. And they’re (almost) unbreakable.

Have you ever shot a taco?

I’ve been trying to find a range that will allow me to shoot a Taco Bell bag full of bean burritos with a full auto tommy gun, but they’re not really keen on the idea. That’s an awesome question, by the way.

It’s evident from G&T that you despise Taco Bell. Have you ever thought about bringing the taco giant to its knees? Is there a plan in place?

Taco Bell is run by Yum! Brands, the largest restaurant company in the world. They jumped on the food truck trend last year and did a national tour. I was able to hold them off by getting the community involved. They’re too big to stop, but I can encourage people to eat real food and hopefully put a dent in their business, as small as it may be.

And now to the most difficult question … Do you have a favorite taco stand and/or taco?

That is a difficult question. Mollejas (sweetbreads) are a favorite, as well as tacos al pastor (pork marinaded with achiote and pineapple). I’ve got my favorite trucks around town, but it’s hard to top the taco stands of Tijuana.

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