The Gun that Killed Osama: Sources Say HK416 Shot Bin Laden

With a sniper scope attached, this is one variation of the HK416. Photo appears on Heckler & Koch website.

Inside sources leaked that Osama bin Laden was shot by the HK416 rifle, which was reported by U.S. News late yesterday afternoon. Gathering information from Military Times Gear Scout and Soldier Systems Daily, the article related that it was German engineering that ended the life of the terrorist.

“I’ve just heard from a SOCOM vet,” says Gear Scout. “He tells me the stack of SEAL assaulters that went through Osama bin Laden’s bedroom door were running HK416s.”

On its website, Heckler & Koch stated it started the development of the HK416 “off where comparable assault rifles have already reached their limit.” It was from this point that Heckler & Koch improved the combat efficiency of the combat assault rifle. Several militaries utilize the Delta Force designed rifle, such as the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Norwegian soldier in Faryab province, Afghanistan, armed with an HK416 rifle. Photo taken by PRT Meymaneh.

“Technical studies have shown that comparable assault rifles from other manufacturers suffer from fundamental defects and considerable shortcomings with regard to reliability, safety, accuracy and ease of handling,” reads the Heckler & Koch website. In addition, it states that other findings showed that similar combat rifles required constant maintenance and attention from its user, which the HK416 has supposedly remedied. “The HK416 incorporates an innovative assault rifle concept that is based on modularity, variability and cost effectiveness.” Different barrel lengths and accessories like the add-on grenade launcher make this one rifle not to messed with.

The HK416 sans any add-ons. Photo appears on Heckler & Koch website.

U.S. News stated that Heckler and Koch did not have any immediate comment on the matter. Described as the perfect SEAL weapon, “it shoots an effective 5.56 mm round, has a gas system that doesn’t foul the weapon like some other rifles, can shoot 20,000 rounds with ‘minimal degradation of accuracy,’ and fires just fine after being submerged in water and not completely drained.”

“Ultimately, as my readers have pointed out, it doesn’t matter what got him so long as he is dead,” writes SSD’s Eric Graves.

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What do you think of the HK416? Do you believe that the reports are on-target or that SEAL Team Six used a different rifle?

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  2. shitty test any gun can do that even a daisy

  3. Nice Weapon! Is there any Civilian models available? I have been a Proud owner of an HK 91 for years, and would like to scale down on weight and Power, Make it easier to carry in my “old age”.

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