The Holster Shirt

Keep your gun close, but not too close, by sporting a holster shirt.

Almost like a bullet-filled vest, a shirt holster stores your gun and gear very close. And when conventional conceal carry methods won’t do, it’s the perfect way to go incognito. These shirts are offered by four manufacturers currently.

Concealment Shirt Holster ($49.95-$55.95)

This variation of the holster shirt has been called a cross between Kramer’s Confidant shirt holster and 5.11 Tactical’s Holster Shirt. It’s available in either black or white for right- and left-handed shooters.

Concealment Holster T-Shirt ($32.95)

This patented, USA-made T-shirt holster can replace a shoulder or belly holster. Its holster belt is made from 100% cotton and is actually quilted to the shirt. Watch the video below for a rather positive review of the holster that will carry a .22 to 9mm. “I’ve been wearing it for quite a few days to get a feel for it in different situations, and it’s just really comfortable,” he says. “You forget it’s on.”

Holster Shirt ($49.99)

5.11’s trademarked Holster Shirt was designed for either concealed carry or workout wear. Available in black and white, the shirt features flat-lock seams to keep friction and chafing to a minimum.

In the video below, Clayton from TwoGuysOutdoors says the shirt is not only comfortable, but it breaths extremely well. “You would think something like this would be hot, but it’s not,” he remarks. Comparable to under armor, the shirt fits a full-sized weapon, and the pockets are a lot deeper than expected.

The Confidant Shirt Holster ($55)

While the shirt holster might seem like a great fast-draw option, it isn’t considered a fast-draw holster. According to Kramer, the company that manufacturers the shirt, it was designed after speaking with elite ops groups and undercover cops. The holster can be work underneath a shirt or dress.

UnderTech Undercover Concealment Shirt ($69.95)

Called a “second skin,” the shirt features two similar holsters created to carry two handguns or a spare magazine or handcuffs. And if there are other things you carry like a cell phone or iPod, the shirt will fit that as well. The shirt’s MicroPoly/Lycra blend has a cooling effect on the body, too.

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  1. Looking for contact info for 5.11 Holster shirt manufacturer or wholesalers as I am opening small gunshop in Mo. Thanks for any contact help you can send.

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