‘The Hurt Locker’ on ’60 Minutes’

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If you didn’t watch 60 Minutes on Sunday, then you missed an excellent profile on Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker. The movie about a bomb tech in Iraq is receiving oodles of Oscar buzz and is said to be the front runner for the top award on Sunday (with Avatar’s blue people trailing right behind).

Even though the critics adore The Hurt Locker — calling it “the best war movie in years” — and its female director, there’s been a backlash about the movie, especially in the military community. While some have pointed out inaccuracies, others say the underlying theme, that war is a drug, has a lot of truth to it.

We watched the movie a few weeks ago and couldn’t take our eyes off all the military boots. That, and the realistic approach to film making. Bigelow used four cameras simultaneously to capture scenes, and actors never knew where the cameras would be — guerrilla film making for guerrilla warfare. This tactic is what’s earned her much acclaim.

There is a very dizzying, immediate reality to it all — a reality that brings most audiences closer to the war than they’ve ever been. However, because of this stark, authentic feel, plot inaccuracies truly are a blow. Maybe if they would have just untwisted the plot some, did a little bit more research … but as everybody knows, nothing is perfect in Hollywood. Movie makers train for years to totally distract us from these mistakes by pairing lots of pretty people with exciting explosions. So tricky!

Do you think The Hurt Locker will win best picture? Rooting for anybody else? Or do you even care? Until Sunday!

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