The Kitty Holster

A holster for kitties? Yeah, you heard right!

We know, we know. Things got a little bizarre at the Gun Holsters Blog yesterday with kids and guns and all, but things are about to get a LOT weirder. That’s because we have discovered the Kitty Holster.

That’s right: a holster for cats. While it has absolutely nothing to do with gun holsters per se, the name itself is pretty hilarious. That, and the fact that people want to force poor felines to wear such a thing.

As many of you may already be well acquainted with the fact that cats abhor any type of forced constraint. Actually cats disdain most things aside from sunlight, food (especially of the wet variety) and small moving objects, which they inherently try to kill.

Conversely, if this product’s testimonials are to be believed, these fur monsters actually adore the holster because it gives them the ability to explore the great outdoors.

Created by Crazy K Farm, the Kitty Holster is less like a harness and more like a small jacket that attaches to a leash. According to Houston Community Newspapers, the harness is the third invention for Crazy K Farm owner Tobi Kosanke. Her other inventions include hen aprons and caged bird huts.

The holster differs from a cat harness because of its unique shape as well as its soft lining. The holster retails for $19.99 or there’s a high-end boutique line that starts at $49.99.

(Image via Flickr)

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