The Perfect iPad 2 Pants Pocket

Ever since the iPad’s debut, tech geeks have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of pants to store their favorite gadget. The problem? It was a tad too big for most pockets.

And then there was the iPad 2.

Released last month, this smaller, camera-ready version has proved to be a game-changer when it comes to trouser tablet storage. We took to the warehouse to see which tactical pants’ pockets could finally hold Apple’s latest and greatest.

After hours of maneuvering, we conclusively determined that very few tactical pants fit the iPad 2. Which ones didn’t? Tactical pants from 24-7 Series, 5.11 Tactical, LAPG, Propper, Vertx and Woolrich. And the ones that did? Discontinued Warrior Wear pant gave the best fit, with Genuine Gear and Kitanica tying for second place.


Although Andy Ihnatko said it would fit (UPDATE: Ihnatko said he tested it in an older pair of 5.11s), we tried, and it didn’t. We made an attempt on the front pocket and again on the back. Alas, the 34-inch waist original weight and Taclite 5.11 tactical pants proved to not fit the iPad 2.

5.11 Taclite Pants

Were you able to get your iPad 2 to fit in your 5.11 back pocket? Please send us pictures, and we will be sure to include them in this post.


On the other end of the spectrum, Blackhawk‘s recently discontinued Warrior Wear Pants almost seemed to be made for the iPad 2. Out of all the tactical pants we tested, these trousers offered a rear pocket with most secure and comfortable fit for the iPad 2. It was remarkable, actually. Our wear-tester was able to comfortably glide across the office with the iPad 2 comfortably at his side. However, if he tried to sit down, there might be some, er, issues.

Blackhawk Warrior Wear Pants

A second cargo pocket on the pants offered a less-than-qualified option. This would be an in-emergencies-only choice, and the iPad would have a good chance of falling out.

Overall iPad Fit Grade: A

Genuine Gear

Genuine Gear‘s tactical pants were the only ones from the lineup that fit the original iPad (and only by a thread, really). So, they were the first pants we scoped when looking for the perfect fit. With its near-goldilocks potential, we weren’t surprised that it felt a little awkward in the double cargo pocket. Interestingly enough, a better fit was provided when using the front pocket with the hook-and-loop flap left open.

Genuine Gear Tactical Pants

Our main concern with this storage method is that the iPad could fall out if not monitored properly. So, convenient, yes. But truly practical? Not exactly.

Overall Fit Grade: B-


While it easily slid into the back pocket, the iPad 2 could probably find a more suitable home than Kitanica tactical pants. It did not feel 100 percent secure. Not to mention the snap on the side pocket could prove problematic, as it might scrape up that shiny new gadget. The cargo pocket was on the small side and was the least secure place to store the iPad out of the pockets that fit it.

Kitanica Tactical Pants

Overall Fit Grade: B

Bottom line? You should keep your iPad in a case and use tactical pants for iPad 2 storage in emergency situations only.

What other tech gadgets can you successfully store in tactical pants?




















15 Comments on “The Perfect iPad 2 Pants Pocket

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  4. May I have permission to use these pictures? I’m writing an iPad e-pub and I want to warn students of the dangers of mixing technology with fashion.

  5. Does everyone involved with this realize how utterly ridiculous he or she is being? It’s an honest question.

  6. Oh boy. Now I have to get an iPad to go with the pants. New aged accessories. 🙂

  7. @Tragos – That is great information! Thank you for sharing.

  8. 5.11 TDU Pants have much larger pockets than their Tactical Pants. First generation iPad or a 9″ netbook fit very well in the cargo pockets.

  9. Fail. If I ever see someone on the street like that I would kick his ass

  10. @Andy – I updated the story to reflect this comment… gotta love a good pair of vintage 5.11s :).

  11. I do have 5.11 pants of several styles and vintages. I think when I tested the iPad 2 I happened to be wearing the 2006 vintage. The iPad 2 barely fit, but it fit.

    I don’t think there any pants are practical for carrying an iPad. But it’s good to at least be able to free your hands for a moment while you do something else.

  12. My butt is big enough, but I wondered whether it was practical to think you could carry an iPad in tactical pants. I think a pocket on the side of the leg is likely the best solution. There’s enough room for expansion to allow a comfortable fit and the iPad won’t bang against your posterior as you walk.

  13. I had a Kindle before upgrading to the more versatile iPad. I could fit that thing in normal Target Storebrand Cargo shorts, so there’d be MORE than enough room for them in tactical pants. Have you looked into the Xoom (Motorola’s android tablet)? Has most of the same features as the iPad (and then some) but with the android operating system. It’s not quite as wide, but is a little longer (I think the screen is set to be widescreen ratio). Anyway, just some ideas.

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