The Poor Man’s Pocket Holster

There’s nothing really breakthrough about a do-it-yourself holster. You just need some cardboard, leather, a knife, free time, a smidge of artistic talent and … ta dah.

But what if you only have one of the ingredients listed above?

Then meet Qasarean. He bought a Glock 27 and couldn’t find a holster to fit his gun. At least locally. So, he decided to make a poor man’s holster or a “bum holster.”

First he suggests taking a single piece of cardboard and sliding it in front of the pistol to conceal the front pocket weapon outline. Why? Because the pistol outline is easily seen in jeans and can be even more apparent in khakis.

And that’s not even the bum holster!

For that, you’ll need to acquire a more substantial block of cardboard. It should be about the size of the gun but not too big because it still has to fit into your pocket. Fold it so almost boxes in the gun and completely conceals its outline. Make it tight so the gun doesn’t jiggle around too much.

This might work for some folks, but we think it looks like he’s toting a steamy romance novel in his pocket, you know those bodice-ripping types with Fabio on the cover. “It looks like a book or a really big wallet, but you really can’t tell what’s in here,” Qasarean observes.

So, how does one draw a weapon from that bum holster cardboard cutout mess?

Obviously it’s not ideal for a fast-draw situation. Now that we think about it, there are plenty of situations where a cardboard holster is just straight-up absurd and a little on the unsafe side.

Now if you own a Glock 27 and are looking for a *real* holster, hosts a bevy of gun holsters including a ridiculously affordable inside-pocket holster from Blackhawk ($8.99).

What do you think about the poor man’s holster? Is it something you’d even attempt to wear? Do you think it’s dangerous? Fashionable? An insult to gun holsters everywhere? Do tell.

4 Comments on “The Poor Man’s Pocket Holster

  1. Unfortunately he set the video to private now :(. Though it might be for the best!

  2. LOL I was thinking that would be the general consensus.

  3. I’m as poor a man as I ever met, and there’s no way I’d do that. Hell, if he’ so broke he can’t afford a lousy Kydex IWB, what’s he using for ammo? And even if you wanted a DIY holster for no bucks, can’t you imagine yourself doing better than that?

    Never in a million years would I use this.

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