The Year of the Military Boot

Rihanna wears combat boots. Do you?

When one of the biggest pop princesses prances around town in military boots, you know they’re hot.

How hot?

Well, we at the Military Boots Blog predict that 2010 will truly be the year of the combat boot. Not since the ’90s have we seen so much of this black leather, in-your-face footwear marching down runways.

And when all of the fashionistas swap gladiator sandals for lace-up military boots this fall? It’s on.

While this isn’t the first time Rihanna geared up, it certainly won’t be the last—especially with Jessica Alba and Ashley Tisdale lacing up right behind. Even several combat boot look-a-likes were spotted at New York fashion week. To top that, Teen Vogue listed out 30 ways for young hipsters to get that military look under $100.

Perhaps it all has something to do with that new All Saints store in New York.

Female trendsetters are not alone in their military boot fixation. Earlier this year Women’s Wear Daily reported that an updated version of the men’s combat boot dominated the catwalks of both Milan and Paris.

So, what’s our favorite battle-inspired shoe?

Definitely Christian Louboutin’s Toggle Ankle Boot. And with a price tag of more than $1,400, we guarantee it won’t be in our closet anytime soon.

What do you think about military boots breaking into the mainstream? Should models, celebrities and fashionistas wear ’em with pride?

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  1. I LOVE Military Boots.. I am getting tan ones with cream lace soon..

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