Thunderflix: Latest in Gun Videos

It’s Friday night. The hellish work week finally came to a close, and the sweet, sweet smell of movie popcorn is in the air. Lucky for you, the hottest flick came via snail mail straight to your home address.

Netflix, you mean? Nope. Try Thunderflix.

Unlike the ever-popular Netflix, Thunderflix carries videos for one specific product category — guns. The video rental website is filled with educational videos that share the joys and knowledge of gun ownership. With no membership fees, it offers a service that can be used once in a lifetime or as many times as you’d like.

Yet much like Netflix, shipping fees included in the price ($5.89 to rent one DVD). If you fall in love with the rental, there is also an option to purchase it. Thunderflix’s movie catalog features films in categories such as AR-15, cowboy shooting, edge weapons, gun maintenance, laser training, shotguns, handgun defense and more.

The three latest hits on Thunderflix’s website include:

  • Rifle Shooting Tips & Techniques – Hosted by Glen Pearce, a former national champion marksman, and Jim Carter, an Olympic team gunsmith, this informational video tells you everything you ever needed and wanted to know about handling a rifle.
  • The Art of the Fast Draw – If you want to learn how to acquire a fast draw, why not learn from the best? Eight-time World Fast Draw Champion Cal Elrich teaches you the tips and tricks that he has mastered during the past 25 years.
  • Customizing The Ruger Vaquero – Own a Ruger Vaquero/Ruger Blackhawk? This video schools you in the art of customizing your gun for increased accuracy and reliability.

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