Thunderwear: The Groin Holster

Some go to great lengths for true weapon concealment. Others simply don Thunderwear.

While its name sounds like a garment accessory dreamed up by Lady Gaga, this groin holster has been serving a very useful purpose for more than a decade. Its patented technology allows you to wear your handgun in the center of the body, using the hips for support.

Advertised as the “Speed Draw Champion” of concealed holsters, the Thunderwear holster ($44.95 to $69.95) fastens in the back using heavy-duty Velcro strips. And with two pouches in the front, there’s enough room for a gun and a magazine.

If two pouches aren’t enough, the combination holster is a three-pocket holster with a large pocket behind the two front pockets for cash, credit cards or even a granola bar (hey, you never know when danger — or hunger — can strike!). It comes in three sizes to accommodate small, medium and large handguns.

Both left- and right-handed shooters can take full advantage of Thunderwear. Not only is the holster made in the USA, its lightweight and machine washable. Oh yeah, and it’s called Thunderwear. We’re pretty much sold on the name alone.

Apparently the holster is sooo comfortable that you might even forget you’re wearing it. Much like R.R. from Orlando did. “Went swiming [sic] with my Colt Mustang today, I forgot I was Packing, LUV IT, but was very embarrassed at the pool,” reads his testimonial on the Thunderwear website.

Fans have also taken to YouTube to share their thoughts on the tactical underpants.

Do note that this next video reviews the SmartCarry, which is strikingly similar to Thunderwear.

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