Top 10 Tactical Instagram Users

When Instagram launched, it was a breeding ground for locavores’ lunches and selfies on fixed-gear bikes. Nowadays? The tactical world has reclaimed its ground on the social media platform. There is a growing number of accounts dedicated to big guns, tough gear and the people who use them.

To help you sort through these high-caliber photographers, we’ve compiled a list of the best accounts to satisfy your fix for weapons, ammunition and the tactical lifestyle you crave. Don’t tread on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to follow us on there at @TacticalGear.

1. @garagegunblog

Bio: Account run by civilian gun, knife and accessory tester and enthusiast Austin Weiss. Weiss is also a renowned custom car and motorcycle builder.

Why follow? With over 180,000 followers, @garagegunblog is one of the most-read tactical accounts on Instagram. Not only does Weiss photograph and share great gun and gear photos, he can talk shop and shoot it, too. Now includes videos of his collection in action.

2. @gun_collector

Bio: Official Instagram account of An online blog and merchandise site dedicated to gun enthusiasts.

Why follow? With over 50,000 followers, the name speaks for itself. Over 700 detailed and attractive photos of eye-grabbing weaponry. Brings new meaning to the term gun porn.

3. @gunsdaily1

Bio: Instagram account of, a small, pro-gun advocacy website.

Why follow? With well over a thousand original and shared photos of almost every gun and accessory imaginable, Guns Daily is an immediate fix for the weapons fanatic. Highlights include clear and detailed close-ups of weaponry.

4. @militaryshowcase

Bio: An independently-run feed of military-related photos.

Why follow? Powerful photos of U.S. soldiers and their gear overseas and in action. Colorful and eye-grabbing photography sure to leave you feeling inspired and proud to be an American.

5. @weaponsdaily

Bio: An independent account created exclusively for Instagram, it reposts photos taken by other users.

Why follow? Striving to be “the best gun account” on Instagram, Weapons Daily offers a wide variety of handgun and rifle photos collected from accounts all over the Instagram universe.

6. @5.11tactical

Bio: A privately held, U.S.-based manufacturer of tactical, military and law enforcement apparel and gear.

Why follow? As a leader in the tactical apparel market, 5.11 uses Instagram to showcase professional-quality photos of gear, training and, of course, guns. Perfect for those in the market for new clothing or simply interested in keeping up with new equipment and technology.

7. @gearscout

Bio: GearScout is a tactical and military blog run by Military Times

Why follow? This established tactical and military gear blog takes its expertise to Instagram with brief review captions of everything from magazines to multitaskers.

8. @us_swat24

Bio: An account honoring police and SWAT forces of the U.S.

Why follow? Packed with photos of SWAT teams and police forces from across the country in training and in action. You might even find squads from your own city or hometown.

9. @solsys

Bio: Soldier Systems is a daily web publication dedicated to tactical and military news.

Why follow? Features behind-the-scenes action from tactical showcases, photo shoots and newly-released weapons and gear from around the world.

10. @nationalgunleague

Bio: Instagram account of the National Gun League, an online collection of gun photos, merchandise and a forum for gun enthusiasts everywhere.

Why follow? A diverse photo collection of shooting ranges, guns and tactical apparel from around the country that’s becoming well-respected by other prominent Instagram accounts such as @gun_collector

Did we forget your favorite Instagrammer? Be sure to mention their handle in the comments below. 

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  2. If you love gear, don’t forget us too! Refactor Tactical, Weapon outfitters and IG Militia are also must follows!

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  4. Thank you for the mention and kind words. Just a slight correction, the blog supports my Instagram account, not the other way around. I am just a firearms collector and photographer that is not affiliated with anyone. I started my Instagram acount a year ago and I sell some branded merchandise through the site just to provide a way to cover the costs of the contest that I run for the Instagram tactical community. Shoot me an e-mail sometime at

  5. @refactortactial also has some amazing pics. Highly recommended.

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