Trail Running Shoes

If you set a regular running shoe down next to a trail running shoe, would you be able to tell the difference?

Chances are your average, inexperienced hiker wouldn’t be able to pick a trail runner out of a lineup. Nevertheless this variation of the running shoe is precisely what you need if your feet plan on off-roading it.

Trail runners feature a sole that is extremely rigid and ready to take on anything that comes at it. The treads are patterned in a way that prevents your foot from slipping and sliding even on the most uneven, rugged surfaces. This means that when you’re tromping along at a super-fast pace, there’s almost nothing than can get in your way.

Just like many other hiking boots, trail running shoes can be waterproof and have a Gore-Tex lining, which increases the comfort and functionality along the way. Some feature a Vibram outsole designed to increase traction even further. Moreover, hardcore trail runners require even more cushioning on the bottom of the shoe, especially if they choose to gallop over rough, rocky surfaces.

Two acclaimed trail running shoes include Vasque’s Blur, which includes an EVA in the midsole, and The North Face’s trail shoes, which are supposed to offer some “beefy” options according to the folks in the video below.

Already have trail runners? TheHikingLady suggests washing the soles in the sink with a bristled brush in order to improve traction before your next run.

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