Tru-Spec’s Tactical Pants Survey

In the past we have praised Tru-Spec’s 24-7 Series pants for their quality, fit and ingenuity. Now the company is reaching out to professionals in the safety industry for their opinion on tactical pants.

Do you wear your tactical pants three or more times a week while on duty? If so, Tru-Spec wants you to participate in a survey. These tactical pants can be any brand—5.11, Vertx, EOTAC, etc.

Unfortunately we do not qualify for the survey. If we did, we’d happily share some sample questions with you.

After completing the first portion of the survey, Tru-Spec will contact you if you qualify for the second. The exciting part? Every person who qualifies and completes the second portion gets a free pair of tactical pants. Hallelujah!

And a hat tip to Soldier Systems for this one.

3 Comments on “Tru-Spec’s Tactical Pants Survey

  1. I was wearing Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Pants Lightweight casual wear TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series best

  2. I got two pairs of the leightweight 24/7’s and a pair of the zip offs out of this survey, thanks TacticalPants Blog!

  3. A few weeks after completing the survey I received a test pair of trousers in my choice of color. Nice pants. Thanks

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