TRU XTREME: It’s All About The Pockets

Displaying the new TRU XTREME line, Kevin Cain, southeast sales manager for Tru-Spec by Atlanco, discussed the key characteristics of the shirt and pants at the 2011 SHOT Show.

Cain explained that the entire line is made of nylon/cotton ripstop material. The blouse has a mandarin collar and a zipper closure up the front. Front pockets are canted inward with an inverted pleat design. Additionally, the pockets feature a hidden outside zipper, which allows the wearer to reach through armor and access them.

On to the sleeves… where more pockets are found. Also boasting the hidden zipper trait, these shoulder-level pockets have been expanded. The elbows are reinforced with Super Fabric, which is abrasion and puncture resistant. Further on down the sleeve is a tri-pocket with a document window. It can be adjusted to accommodate righties or lefties.

“We’ve incorporated a small, little playbook, so when you’re in the field, if you’re a sniper, you can put your rifle dope in here,” said Cain. He elaborated, stating tactical operators would also utilize this feature, especially in storing documents and lists when on missions.

The trousers have many of the same traits as the shirt. The pants have a tunnel waist design with a double redundancy snap and Velcro closure. A hidden pouch on the backside provides a quick, safe place to stash a small knife or handcuff key. The front slash pockets have small accessory pockets that are similar to those found on Tru-Spec 24/7 pants. On the inside, a pocket can easily hold a BlackBerry or phone in place.

The cargo pockets have the same inverted pleats and hidden zipper features found in the shirt’s design. For more secure storage and easier access to equipment, it has a pocket within a pocket. “If I’m sitting in a vehicle or an aircraft, I still would have access to that pocket,” explained Cain.

At calf-level, the pockets can hold larger items, as the pocket can expand completely outward. On the rear, the standard slash pockets are built into the reinforcement of the pants. They have Velcro closures.

In the midst of the action, tactical operators or soldiers may need to remove or put on pants without taking off their boots. With the zipper at the ankle, this is possible. Also at the bottom of the pants, there is an elastic band that can be gathered to block out any side effects from nasty weather conditions.

How would you utilize this plethora of pockets?

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