Under-The-Desk Holsters

Your work space. It’s a place some compare to a prison cell. For others, it’s a peaceful place where even the most far-out tasks always manage to get accomplished.

Either way, you spend a significant amount of time in that location. There’s probably no other place you’d like to feel safer (well, aside from your bed).

That’s why Wolverine Holsters created an under-the-desk holster. Just install this bad boy under any flat surface, and concealed protection will be right at your fingertips without having to actually having to wear a holster while seated.

Despite its name, the under-the-desk holster can be installed in various locations including kitchen cabinets, closets, on a wall, in vehicles like big rigs or “virtually everywhere.” Wolverine suggests this holster for businessmen and women, homeowners, store clerks, truck drivers and police.

You should probably get clearance from your boss though before bringing your pistol to work, that is, unless you work for the mob. Then it should probably be OK.

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