US Army Selects Belleville Mountain Combat Boot

The process of picking the manufacturer to produce a U.S. Army-wide version of a mountain combat boot has certainly been drawn out.

We first covered this story back in May, when the Army was testing three brands for the new Army mountain boot from Belleville, Danner and Wellco. All the boots were comparable to Danner’s combat hiker. Then in September, Danner scored $8.6M boot contract, which led many to believe Danner had the Army mountain combat boot contract in the bag.

However, it appears that isn’t the case. Yesterday Solider Systems reported that the Army selected Belleville’s design for its mountain combat boot under the Soldier Enhancement Program.

While it had previously seemed like Danner would be the sure choice, Belleville has cut right in to steal the show. The boot is said to have a mid-height when compared to standard-issue boots and is an ideal match to handle the uneven and challenging terrain of Afghanistan. Col. William Cole, project manager of Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, said a contract for 25,000 pairs is imminent, according to Soldier Systems.

Kit Up! has also covered this newsworthy update and included insights from the top officer in charge of Soldier Equipment as to why Belleville beat out Danner as the top pick.

Apparently Army wear-testers found the Belleville versions more appealing in a number of ways. This included being “slightly more comfortable, slightly better grip, slightly better fitting and, it turns out, they’re just a bit cheaper.” So, there you have it. The Belleville boot won by the slightest bit.

What do you think of the decision? Do you think Danner’s option is better?

7 Comments on “US Army Selects Belleville Mountain Combat Boot

  1. Belleville has three mountain boots for sale on their website. Two have the Belleville label and one the Tactical Research label.

  2. I got my RFI issue today and have been wearing my Bellevilles around my house and while I love that Belleviles are made close to where I grew up, I would none the less prefer to stick with my OTBs or Blackhawks when I go to Afghanistan, both are much more comfortable. At least to me anyway. Just my opinion.

  3. I have a pair of Well co Hikers and they are great. I don’t know what else you would need. I’ll go with price (?) and politics.

  4. I paid $100 for my Danner Combat Hikers on closeout. I would never have paid what Danner expected for them. Danner has redesigned the boot along the lines of the Belleville design with minoir differences and upped the price to $380. It is now called Improved Combat Hiker, ICH. The Belleville boot is the one to get if you are paying close to retail price. Danner has gone overboard on high cost, and for what they want you might as well go buy state-of-the-art Italian lightweight mountaineering boots and have a better boot than any of the standard issue military stuff. Danner workmanship is not to Italian standards, and I doubt that Belleville workmanship is there either. At least Belleville charges a reasonable price for their boots.

  5. COST, I am sure, is what got the contract. Slightly means $50 per boot. If you multiply that times number of boots ordered (27,000) you save $270,000, but at what cost to the soldier.

  6. Politics, more any other factor drives the issue here. Obviously, testing is done, but slightly more this or that wins. Politics and cost are what matters here, not overall performance. While I’m at it, consider multiple-cam, it was first intoduced with other “pixlated” uniforms and wasn’t even in the
    running. Now at what we’re getting, multi-cam. Btw, I’m quite thankful for that and my Danne combat hikers.

  7. How can I order a pair? If the Army concluded the boot to be best in the number of ways, inluding cheaper. Sign me up! I am all about well design and comfort.

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