Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Tactical Man

Valentine’s Day is coming quicker than an enemy in pursuit. Although it’s a safe bet to assume your tactical man would enjoy a new gun or a caseload of ammo, neither of those really set the mood for the holiday of love. Amp up the romance while still getting him something he’ll appreciate when you select one of our gift suggestions.

Beer Bouquet

Ditch the flowers this year. Instead, give your tactical man something he’ll find much more attractive—a man bouquet. The concept is simple: Stick your man’s favorite snacks and beverages strategically in a vase. Boom. You’re done. It’s much more cost effective than flowers. Trust us—he’ll appreciate it more.

Available: This is a DIY gift

Price: Depends on your materials. This could cost you any where from $15 to $50

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If you think you’ll have trouble assembling a man bouquet, play it safe and make a beer cake. Much simpler and just as effective.


Tactical Watch

Watches are the male equivalent of nice jewelry for women. Hook your man up with a watch similar to suit his tactical needs. These watches are made from durable and sometimes even waterproof materials and packed with functions.They can feature ballistic software, compasses, altimeters, barometers, depth meters and even heart rate monitors. Oh, and they even tell time.


From: $100.00

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The Man Can

The Man Can contains only the manliest of grooming products, including spicy-smelling soap, shaving supplies and hand butters. As much as they may hate to admit it, men like looking and feeling fresh and clean.This is truly a gift you’ll both enjoy. He stays well-groomed using man-friendly products, and you get a good-smelling, well-kept valentine.


Price: $49.95

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Day at the Range

What’s more romantic than a day at the range? No, wait! Hear us out. Nothing says love like taking an interest in your significant other’s favorite pastimes. Plus, letting off some brass is excellent for stress relief. Pack a range bag, and spend the day together shooting, relaxing and bonding.


From: $19.99


Chocolate Ammo

Chocolate is a go-to gift on this special day. But if you want to go the extra mile with your sweet treat, we’ve got just thing. This box of candy from puts a tactical twist on dessert. You can order your chocolate in the form of one our favorite things: ammo. Now if only they had chocolate guns you could shoot it out of….


Price: $12.99


Bedside Holster

When does a tactical man feel his best? When he’s protecting and serving. Help him do that even when he’s off-duty with a bedside holster. He’ll rest easy knowing his weapon is always within reach, and you’ll score points for understanding the way his mind works.


Price: $27.99


What do you think of our man-friendly tactical gifts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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