Top Vegan Hiking Boot Styles

***Updated August 30, 2011.

Are they made out of vegetables? Um, no. Are they made out of leather?

Definitely not.

Then what on Earth are vegan hiking boots?

Much like regular hiking boots, this type of outdoor gear is for more challenging terrain. Unlike the average hiking boot, vegan hiking boots are made out of all synthetic materials. That means no leather all the time. It’s footwear perfect for people who choose to not to eat or wear animal products of any kind.

Some synthetic materials seen in vegan hiking boots include Birko felt, cotton-backed Polyurethane, Microfibre, nylon and suedette.

And the brand always urging folks to “Get Outside,” Merrell has several non-leather offerings. It’s Siren Song Mid Sport Gore-Tex ($120 MSRP) has a synthetic leather and mesh upper along with a hook and loop closure system.


UPDATE: This Merrell hiker is not vegan. According to Merrell: “The Siren Sport Gore-Tex’s synthetic leather is a Polyurethane coated leather which helps with durability when used around water. The base material is still a leather material.”

Hi-Tec also offers non-leather options to hiking footwear. The Cascadia ($189.95) is composed of a waterproof ballistic nylon upper. Let’s not forget the Vibram backpacking outsole.

Hi-Tec’s V-Lite Altitude Max WPI ($129.99) is constructed from a waterproof micro-fiber called Enduro. Even though it may look similar to leather, the man-made material is actually stronger.

Trail running shoe manufacturer Montrail produces a vegan-friendly hiking alternative with the Sabino Trail Mid GTX ($140 MSRP).

Wicked Hemp is solely dedicated to producing shoes made from all natural materials. Its Hemp Hiker the Alton ($78) is a low profile hiking boot.

Would you wear a pair of all-synthetic hiking boots? Did we leave out your favorite pair? Let us know!

26 Comments on “Top Vegan Hiking Boot Styles

  1. Eventually animal products will replaced by synthetic or semisynthettic, plant material as technology progresses. Because they have so much more advantages

  2. All these boots are for men. The only women’s hiking boot I can find is the Garmont Grassbow, but it is not sold in any stores nearby. I was hoping this article would be helpful, but it’s only good if you’re not female.

  3. I cannot find a decent pair of vegan boots anywhere! I am looking for something that has a thick cover, not cloth because I will be hiking for 6 weeks in the desert where the cacti can poke right through the sole and cloth sides. Does anyone know of anything for sale under $200? I have checked many of these links and they don’t work or don’t have the model anymore. Please help and thanks!

  4. Cheryl,

    Thank you for the update. I have added your information to the post. Thank you for investigating it further!

  5. The Merrell Siren Mid Sport are NOT vegan. It is misleading that they call it synthetic leather, but I asked the company.
    “Thank you for your inquiry about our Merrell footwear. You will find that the Siren Sport Gore-Tex’s synthetic leather is a Polyurethane coated leather which helps with durability when used around water. The base material is still a leather material.”
    Merrell will lest on their website the vegan options they do have. No hiking boots this season though. It is very disappointing!

  6. My Garmont Vegans bought back about 2003 were the best, most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. They finally fell apart a couple years back while hiking Pennsylvania’s rocky trails.

    Wish Garmont still made them.

  7. I just thought I would point out that not all vegan hiking boots are made with solely synthetic materials. There are brands that also utilise natural fibres like hemp and recycled materials like rubber which is better for the environment and the animals.

  8. In fact, in our site, you would get a brief description of the hiking shoes from different brands, and the prices of each of them. Consequently, we are sure that it would be easy for you to make the selection.

  9. just got confirmation from treksta usa that the treksa evolution mid gtx are vegan. synthetic glue as well. only their assault line is not vegan.

  10. check out inov-8, I use inov-8 390s, fantastic

  11. Great site and very helpful.Now bookmarked. I’m looking for some some leather-free footware. The North Face use synthetic Nubuck in some trainers, but appears to use nubuck leather in its boots. All very confusing.

  12. The Merrell Outbound Mid is not waterproof. Water-resistant but not waterproof. It’s sad too, for a $195 boot, you’re not getting what you paid for. NO Gore-Tex product I’ve tried has been 100% waterproof. I ordered a pair of Wolverine Carbon Max Amphibian boots which leaked badly while walking through a wet wooded area/shallow marsh. Gore-Tex told me to pick out another pair of Gore-Tex boots and since vegan options are slim to none, I picked the Merrell Outbound. I was really hopeful, liked the boots, fairly comfy, supportive. Someone who reviewed them claimed to have stood in streams up to his ankles for 20 minutes without getting wet. I thought “WOW, this is the boot for me”! I filled up a couple buckets and sat my feet in them for 20 minutes. The result? Right foot was dry, left was soaked. Sure, everyone will say it’s the way they’re put together that makes them leak, not the product themselves. Well, Gore-Tex should have better quality control then. If any of you find something that stands up to some real water (not the puddle you step in on the way to the car), PLEASE post here. I did find a pair of BOGS boots called the Jamison which are probably waterproof but too warm to wear in most seasons.

  13. Siren Song Mid Sport Gore-Tex

    has super slippery sole, i do not recomend. i got excited as it was the only vegan shoes, but soooo slippery

  14. Thanks for the additions, everyone! I’ll have to update my blog post, too.

    The Montrails worked well on the Katahdin hike, even though I hadn’t had much chance to break them in.

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  16. Love Merrell and the way their shoes fit. Thanks for this great update!

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  18. Garmont is no longer making their hiking boots. We emailed them to check. A few companies still have a limited number of sizes available. Very disappointing, as we used to get them.

  19. I work in the outdoor industry, and am a vegan. And sadly I must relay to you that the Nagevi (which is I-vegan spelled backwards) is no longer vegan… they started using real suede. Why? I have no idea. A new vegan boot on the market has come out from Merrell, called the Outbound Mid GTX. Careful, though, because they make both a real leather and vegan version of it.

  20. I bought the Garmont Vegans about 6 years ago and have backpacked with them in the Canadian Rockies, the Oregon Cascades, Bhutan, and around New England. They are lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. Never a problem. Highly recommended for probably all but the most demanding backpacks (i.e, heavy pack on difficult terrain for extended period of time).

  21. What a great resource for vegan hiking boots, thank you. With today’s synthetic materials you don’t have to compromise your ethics to protect your feet on the trail.

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