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We recently had the opportunity to attend the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011 to see lots of pretty sweet new products for the coming year. One of our most exciting encounters (aside from that random grizzly bear) was Paul Hubner, founder of Baffin footwear.

Baffin is one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of winter boots. They make serious boots for serious explorers (think: frozen beards). If you’re looking to get into some extreme polar action, Baffin should be one of the first brands you look into. The brand even has its own polar trekking team. Like we said, serious.

Hubner took a few minutes out of his busy day at OR to give us the lowdown on Baffin’s latest innovations.


Great for both winter hiking and snowshoeing, the Snosport ($119.99) is a revised version of a similar boot that was very successful for Baffin. In order to improve the boot, Hubner said they reevaluated and improved the rigidity of sole. Baffin added a TPU plate that runs through the entire shoe from the heel to the forefoot. This provides stability underneath while keeping the product very light. A lip has also been added to make sure that the back strap of snowshoe binding stays in place.

In addition, the shoe’s toe bumper has been increased to add a little more protection up front. All Baffin boots are waterproof and insulated with a four channel fiber, which “stays a little more resilient so it doesn’t pack down like a regular hollow fill,” Hubner said. Baffin offers a taller and shorter version of the Snosport for both men and women.

What does Baffin in the summertime look like? Check out the Amazon, which is part of Baffin’s trail-to-rapids series.

The boot is self-draining throughout with insole channels cut throughout. That way, when the water lands, even on your foot, it will hit one of those channels and drain through, explained Hubner. The heel and forefoot have a metallic mesh to keep stones and debris out while allowing water to drain. “You can walk in and walk out of a river, and it just instantly drains,” Hubner said.

What do you think about Baffin’s new boots? Will you be sporting a pair soon?

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