Vogel Posts Fastest Time at 2010 IDPA Indoor Nationals

Robert Vogel Team EOTAC

Five national champions were crowned last weekend at the third annual IDPA Indoor Nationals. The three-day competition in Springfield, Mass., drew more than 250 gun professionals with some of the biggest names in shooting participating.

Not only did Team EOTAC’s Robert Vogel win the Enhanced Service Pistol title and the High Law Enforcement title, he also posted the fastest time of the match. Vogel, a law enforcement officer from Wapakoneta, Ohio, scored 144.85, beating out Team Glock’s Dave Sevigny, by 22.32 points. According to EOTAC, this marks this the third year in a row Vogel has finished ahead of Sevigny to claim the top score.

“I am extremely proud of Bob Vogel’s performance at the Indoor Nationals,” said Fernando Coelho, EOTAC’s founder and president, in a prepared statement. “It’s not easy being a full-time police officer and getting the time off to compete in our shooting sports. Vogel continues to show just how dedicated he is to our shooting sports community and how talented he is as a shooter.”

This year’s competition had 12 stages with names like “The Barbershop II,” which includes an actual barber cape to slow down reaction time, and “Witness Unprotected.” These videos take you through selected courses of the shooting competition, so you can see the setup and challenges that competitors faced. Along with sets and props, the lighting was altered for every stage to provide an extra challenge.

For more photos, check out Action Shooting Podcast’s slideshow from day one.

Here are the full results from the 2010 IDPA Indoor National Championship:

  • CDP Champion: David Olhasso Master 158.35 (31)
  • ESP Champion: Robert Vogel Master 144.85 (29)
  • SSP Champion: Dave Sevigny Master 167.17 (68)
  • ESR Champion: Jerry Miculek Master 188.18 (44)
  • SSR Champion: Josh Lentz Master 201.24 (55) High Senior: Scott Warren ESP – Master 197.47 (95)
  • High Lady: Randi Rogers SSP – Master 200.33 (63)
  • High Law Enforcement: Robert Vogel ESP – Master 144.85 (29)
  • High Press: Bryce Towsley CDP – Marksman 404.68(125)
  • High Industry: David Olhasso CDP – Master 158.35 (31)
  • High International: Hans Silbitzer SSP – Master 239.28(104)
  • High Military: Elliott Peterson SSP – Master 199.87 (75)
  • Most Accurate: Dan Burwell SSP – Master 170.48 (27)

(Image via HotGunShots.com)

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