Walking Dead: Kit Up for the Zombie Apocalypse

If you’ve learned anything from AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s that the zombie virus outbreak can happen at any time. The key to not being a walker’s lunch is preparedness. So why not start adding to that tactical gear stockpile today?

Gerber is offering you the chance to order the Apocalypse Kit ($349). Only 200 are available and they will ship on Dec. 5, 2011.

“Enclosed in a super durable canvas carrying case with reinforced stitching, the kit is compact and packable,” reads the Gerber site. “To beat the uprising we must work together. We must arm ourselves and organize.”

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The kit features seven survival tools, including the Gator Machete, Camp Axe II, Gator Machete Pro, Parang, LMF II Infantry, DMF Folder and Epic. The equipment is stored in a durable canvas case, which can be rolled up for easy transportation. The stud buttons keep the case closed and the reinforced stitching provide extra durability.

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