Want to Win Hi-Tec’s Most Technical Shoe?

“Today we’re here to talk about shoes,” says Denny in this week’s edition of Hi TecKnowledgy. And talk about shoes he does! Outlining the many, many features of Hi-Tec‘s V Lite Infinity HPi, he shares that it is the “most technical shoe in the Hi-Tec line.”

Technical you say? Yes, extremely technical, but in a good way. Technologies like the dual-density, Vibram outsoles provide traction and durability. For comfort, the shoe has an EVA midsole. To prevent overpronation, it has a wedge on the medial side of the heel.

The “one-piece digital uppers” have a lot of breathability, but takes seams out of the equation. This means that hot spots vanish. Poof!

After it’s been put together, the shoe is placed in an ion-mask machine, which makes it waterproof. Add all these technologies together and you have yourself a breathable, moisture-proof shoe that can take on its share of trails.

Are you picturing yourself in the Infinity HPi? Where would you wear them? In the comments section below, tell us what kind of activities you would use these kicks for. You could win a pair courtesy of Hi-Tec. This giveaway has ended. Congrats to the winner!

31 Comments on “Want to Win Hi-Tec’s Most Technical Shoe?

  1. I would give these to my husband for his favorite outdoor activity … trail running on the AT with our son.

  2. I would wear these hiking in the Palm Springs Indian Canyons and on my morning walks on the beach when we camp at S Carlsbad State Beach.

  3. I’d wear them hiking to see the sunset, and for beautiful nature photo opts 😉

  4. My husband and I are travelling to Europe with our daughter soon. He’ll be wearing her (20 lb baby) on his back in a carrier for most of the trip. A good, comfortable pair of shoes would be fabulous for him!

  5. I would wear them just to wear them. No special reason.

  6. As a novice backpacker I purchased some heavy boots. Now I wish I had a pair of these amazing shoes to lighten the load on my feet and legs. Water proof to help cross the steam on the trails through Dinky Lakes Wilderness in California. My next 3 night trip to Mystery Lake would be a pleasure wearing these.

  7. These would be awesome, but I know who would even love them more – My 4 year old Husky, Denali. The dog can’t get enough hikes – anywhere from mountain hikes to green-space trails – she loves them all! She has worn out my current pair of trail shoes! And waterproof shoes in the PacNW, even more awesome!

  8. After reading about these shoes I think they would work well in a variety of environments. I would use them on the Virginia Corridor Walking Trail in Modesto. I would use them to hike from Cherry Lake to Kibbie Lake to Lake Eleanor and back to Cherry Lake because the terrain varies so much. I would also use them on my evening walks around the neighborhood.

  9. I’d wear these when I go hiking in the hills around my home. Feet seem to always get so hot though and I’m loving the breathability of these ones along with they are just absolutely gorgeous!!! Great job!!!

  10. Hiking near home and on vacation – the lightweight and waterproof features make this a great shoe

  11. These shoes would be wonderful to hike the AT and would definitely hold up on the trip to Ireland.

  12. I have recently started walking on a walking trail close to my home for exercise and I typically walk about 2 miles each time. My old tennis shoes have seen better days and I would love to have a pair of the Hi-Tec’s Infinity Hpi. We are big fans of Hi-Tec – my hubby wears your Maverick boots to work M-F all year long and he hasn’t found another brand that lasts as long as they do for the same price. He’s been wearing Hi-Tecs for about 10 years. I also have a pair of your sandals and hiking shoes and we love them. My kids also have Hi-Tec hiking boots. These Infinity Hpi look great too! Thanks for the chance to win :).

  13. One phrase that really caught my eye was that hot spots vanish. I have a huge problem with hotspots, add to that they are waterproof. I really want to try these shoes. I would wear them hiking and trail running mainly, but they seem like they could be useful everywhere and anywhere!

  14. I’m getting ready for the Dirty Dash later this month and would love a good pair of shoes to get me through the 10k mud course!

  15. These shoes look and sound perfect for my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail starting next March (2012). I have been researching and trying on multiple boots and trail running shoes, and I lean more towards a style like these, especially for the mid-Atlantic states. I am trying to find sponsors for my hike and any gear I can get donated or win would be awesome since the costs do add up for a 2000+ mile hike that takes 6 months. I just hiked Mt Katahdin in Maine two weeks ago, and the shoes I wore did not have the support I needed on the sides of the shoes as I wedged my feet between the boulders. Maybe these are the perfect shoes for my hike! I’d love to find out….hint, hint. 🙂

  16. I’d go hiking just to wear these shoes! Love the color!!!

  17. I would wear Hi-Tec‘s V Lite Infinity HPi shoes hiking with my family on the Wonderland Trail at Mount Rainier National Park, trekking to the Ape Caves at Mount St. Helens National Park, on my daily trail run out on Fort Lewis Property, competing in the relay and trail races, and all the other outdoor physical challenges that I can come up with.

  18. I would wear these shoes out on the Black Canyon Trail in Arizona, a lonesome and rocky trail that winds through desert hills, with cactus, mesquite, and the occasional rattlesnake or jila monster, and with weather as cold as 29 degrees or as hot as 120. The BCT trail demands a tough shoe. It would be a perfect match. And then, because I have my own business and can dress casually, I would wear them to the grocery store, to the movies, to the park, wherever.

  19. These shoes look great. I recently bought my first pair of shoes with Vibram soles (dressy shoes at that), and I can’t get enough of them. My feet never seem to tire of them. The arch support I get from those shoes is everything I could I ask for.
    I live in an area of Texas, that at times gets dusty beyond compare, and I hate how quickly my shoes dirty. I really like the idea of a waterproof one-piece digital upper for my hiking boots because I can just wipe clean my shoes and not have to worry about dry time or dirt. The Hi-Tec‘s V Lite Infinity HPi’s are really discreet as hiking boots. They look more something like running shoes. I could wear them all the time, laced up and ready to go the instant someone mentions a hike, and no one would have to be the wiser that my stylish shoes are actually hiking boots. In these always-ready Hi-Tec‘s V Lite Infinity HPi, I want to hike the hidden trails of the Greenbelt in Austin and the high mountains in Colorado. I want to wear them in every state park in the great state of Texas and where ever else my trail blazing and wanderlust may take me.

  20. Very interesting. I love the look and hopefully te feel is as good.

  21. I would wear Hi-Tec‘s V Lite Infinity HP while hiking the rugged terrain of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during this upcoming Fall Color Tour season! This shoe looks like it would be the perfect shoe to get me exactly where I need to go whether it is exploring the vast caves of the UP, it’s beautiful waterfalls or climbing to the top of the Porcupine Mountains for it’s breathtaking views at The Lake of the Clouds! 🙂 ciesla504 at gmail dot com

  22. I prefer runners for backpacking and this would make marshy areas that much easier!

  23. I would wear these on my weekly walks up Mt Tabor and the occasional longer hike out by the coast!

  24. I’d wear them out hiking with my grands and my hubby just going wherever my feet take me.

  25. I’d love to throw those on and tear into a great trail run.

  26. I would love to wear these while walking a local path where I live! They sound wonderful!

  27. I’d wear this shoe while hiking along in areas the Blue Ridge Parkway

  28. I’d love to wear these running/hiking through our family farm that has lots of exposed rocks to meander through!

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