Water Hydration Pack Spotted on “The Office”

If you watched the season premier of The Office on NBC, then you saw Dwight Schrute sporting a pretty hardcore tactical backpack along with a water hydration system.

Apparently he needed the extra fluid because he was overworking himself as the owner of a new office building owner.

Here’s a transcription of the conversation about the pack:

Jim Halpet: Hey Dwight I donno if you heard but we’re supposed to be drinking out of weird backpacks instead of cups like regular people [looks up] Oh you did hear!

Dwight Schrute: Jim you have one job to do and you do it forgettably. Those of us who are busy require hands-free hydration.

Blackhawk makes a similar hydration packs. The X-1 Raptor Pack in ARPAT ($177.99) looks almost identical to the one Dwight was sporting on the show. It has a 100 oz. Blackhawk Hydration System, which is equivalent to 12.5 cups of H2O. That’s a lot of water. (EDIT: The pack on Dwight is in fact a Camelback Ambush in Desert Digital. Thanks again, Jason, for the correction.)

Additionally, the pack features a ventilating back panel, a built-in jump harness with parachute webbing and drop line pouch and routing system, a fully accessible main compartment, silent zipper pulls and a BTS attachment webbing on outside of pack.

Check out a video review of the Titan Hydration Pack below.

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  2. I was laughing so hard that I must’ve missed that part. Thanks for the correction!

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