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If you’ve ever traveled to Portland, Oregon, then you’ve been to Stumptown. It was the nickname given to the northwestern city during a period of rapid growth in the 1840s. In fact, the city grew so quickly that tree stumps remained along the roads because there was no time to clear them. Thus Stumptown was born.

Today the name lives on. In August 2011, Danner released a line that paid homage to its hometown and its ties to the logging industry. Its Stumptown collection repurposes archived designs incorporating a vintage styling. Originally released with just 10 looks, the Danner Stumptown collection now boasts more than 21 styles—from the head-turning blue Mountain Trail Willamette to exceedingly rugged Rain Forest Heathman.

From sartorialists at GQ to outdoor enthusiasts, it appears as though everyone is salivating over the styles of Stumptown. Why? Because it’s lifestyle footwear wrapped in hardcore technology and high quality craftsmanship. Made in the USA, many of the boots feature a Gore-Tex waterproof lining and a hardy outsole. The boots are both functional and truly fashion forward.

Men’s Danner Mountain Light Terminal 4 GTX

It’s no surprise that all of these exceptional features will cost you a pretty penny. Stumptown boots range in price from $279-$339. Like all of Danner’s offerings, Stumptown boots possess the ability to be resoled at any time. That means Danner hiking boots are built to last a lifetime … or three.

What’s your favorite style in the Stumptown collection?

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