Wellco Hybrid Hikers Conquer Mountains

Recently released, the Hybrid Hiker from Wellco allows the wearer to be more agile, while providing Kevlar-level protection. Needless to say, this boot can take a beating. In addition, Ferguson points out that the military boot provides “our forces a new Berry Compliant option” for boots that are used in the mountain terrain.

“The Wellco Hybrid Hiker is constructed for mountain combat and the harshest terrains,” writes Kerry Ferguson, director of marketing and communications for Wellco. “Although extremely lightweight, no durability was sacrificed in the development of this rugged combat boot.”


Wellco Hybrid Hiker

According to Ferguson, the Wellco Hybrid Hiker is constructed with exclusive fabric developed by Wellco. The fabric contains “a Kevlar blend providing premium durability for a textile,” states Ferguson. The Hiker also includes a proprietary Vibram outsole designed for mountain warfare.

The combat boot is waterproof and breathable. Built to take a beating, the boot’s sharkskin toe cap and heel counter up its durability factor. The 7.5-inch boot weighs under 27 ounces and is available in regular and wide sizes (4-14).

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  1. In a nutshell…don’t waste your money on these boots! Although they offer cushy soles and look okay, but they are extremely narrow and I twice nearly rolled my right ankle during a ruck. That was, however, before I discovered their true problem. This boots are poorly made. Their eyelets pop out and can’t be replaced/fixed. I ordered these boots for the TACP’s in my unit and every single pair was defective within two to three lacing. At the SHOT show this years, one of my JTCS and I spoke to a Wellco rep who told us that they knew about the problem, but it would cost the company too much money to do a recall. I asked if they had a plan to fix these in the future, and he “wasn’t sure.” We opted to purchase Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boots instead. Our Army brethren are wearing Danners. Both are great boots. Save your money or have your unit supply shop order something else. TSgt. Wiens, 146ASOS

  2. Yes this is a great model worth putting on for an
    everyday hike. I call them a 12 hour shoe. Meaning
    if you do a 12 hour shift your covered. Tough & comfortable.
    Way to go Wellco Boots

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