What Did Merrell Hiking Boots Look Like in 1992?


We came across this 1992 ad for Merrell Lazer hiking shoes and decided to share. Assuming they didn’t come equipped with built-in lasers, we’re left to wonder how they obtained their name.

While the copy reads “Functional designs and noticeable good looks make Merrell Lazers the choice in lightweight rugged footwear,” we agree that these jewel tones are definitely noticeable. We also agree with the comments under the ad, these were the colors for everything in 1992!

Even though they claim to be sold in men’s and women’s sizes, we think these kicks must have looked their best when worn by women also rocking “The Rachel.” But if you think you have what it takes to wear these booties with style, and if you happen to be a women’s size 9.5, you can purchase Merrell Lazer hiking boots on ebay for a limited time for just $39.99.

Do you wish Merrell would reissue these beauties? What other boots from the past would you like to see?

2 Comments on “What Did Merrell Hiking Boots Look Like in 1992?

  1. I would travel up a hill like a lazer beam in these!

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