What Is Tactical?

If you ever wanted a 14-plus minute explanation about what tactical is (and isn’t), MrLockandload serves it up on a bullet-proof platter. And his points appear to be mostly valid.

While we poked fun at some ridiculous tactical items previously, there’s no doubt that tactical gear does not an operator make. But it sure helps.

With a scruffy beard, a khaki American flag hat and a gray T-shirt, MrLockandload doesn’t exactly look the part. However, by the end of the video, there’s no doubt he’s a seriously motivated (and tactical) guy. We won’t be messing with him anytime soon.

If you don’t have 14 minutes to spare, here are some great takeaways from the video:

  • “Tactical is not a physical item,” he says. “It is not what kind of night sights you have on your weapon.”
  • “Tactical is a mindset. It is a lifestyle mindset. You cannot turn it on or off.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you wear MultiCam or Carhartts on the gun range. Tactical accessories better complete your kit, but they are not your kit.”
  • “It’s not just knowing how to gun and run, but when you walk into a store, you are looking for danger areas; you are looking for fatal funnels; you are looking for cover/concealment.”
  • “[It] comprises of your situational awareness, your physical capabilities; being able to summarize the area that you’re at and the people you’re dealing with. It’s understanding different threat levels.”
  • “Your motivation isn’t because it’s cool or sexy. The motivation is because one day it might save your life.”

Man, that’s deep. Seriously. The video itself garnered more than 3,000 views and 161 comments.

So, what does tactical mean to you?

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  1. He pretty much sum it up, But it’s run and gun…LOL It’s all about your situational awareness and team awareness,and having that sixth since!! xx !!

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